BTS one storey house with detailed exterior design 2017

BTS one storey house with detailed exterior design 2017. To own a modern house design comes in a family’s dream today, and everyone wants to have a home of their own. Pinoy Home Design offers designers a single-storey house in Magnifico impressive details like the answer for families looking for a home habitable.

The house may look simple from the point, but the inside presentation of the plan represents an attractive and desirable. The mix of the overall external features and layout of the arrangement of all parts look both contemporary and historical.

The impressive entrance and appearance design makes this modern house notable features: the touch of earthly cut crystal stones decorating the front facade, aluminum cased windows provided good since in every part of the house for the purpose of ventilating and air, three gabled roof design flow dependently together, tegulae tiled roof assembly, and the selection and coordination of seven color light used from walkways, steps, concrete walls, aluminum windows, stone walls to the roof. Step pitch with a parking lot just add magnetic gradient facade.

A floor designed this modern house with a terrace pickup cover which opens making a fantastic living area filled with sunshine. The common ingredient in detail in this plan, separate private talk, especially the way the bedroom suites are laid out. However, each of them is a strong connection and access to each other is very clear. The dining room looks great as in elevation angles from the living room.

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1. Details:

  • Lot Size: 310 sq.m.
  • Floor Area: 161 sq.m.
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • Garage: 1

2. Floor Plan:


The heart of this model home is the location of the dining room which is almost at the middle part is designed with the shortest possible access to every room in the house. The garage is scheduled to be careful on the corner adjacent to the terrace, with a view from the living room and direct access to the dining room for the marketing activities. A separate toilet is added adjacent to the garage for the privacy and comfort of families, tourists and other individuals.

Notably, interior design ideas modern houses built in the location of the bedroom. Designed in an L shape, they registered a strong position and serves as outs powerful look in every corner of the house. the master bedroom is equipped with full amenities and a bedroom a private toilet and bath, while the other rooms share a common toilet and bathroom between them. Each bedroom suites are provided with bath, walk-in closet, ceiling and take steps on the perimeter ceiling lamp.



This plan special model of the 161 houses with total floor area of 310 m² m² requires either a lot less area for construction. Meanwhile, the remaining available space can be used for a great garden that will create a more attractive effects in the environment. This attractive home images is completely warm and comfortable, and although it may be classed as traditional furniture a decidedly to that date can be classified more as a modern design house. A lovely house that will fit in any county, rural, urban or any other place of urban housing, this will certainly be a perfect choice.

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